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American Digital Services, LLC (ADS) was formed in January of 2008 buy two builders associations. They were the Associated Building Contractors of the Triple Cities located in Binghamton, New York and the Southern Tier Builders Association located in Falconer, New York. Both of the Association’s had become involved with the Build New York Electronic Plan Room for the purpose of disseminating construction information on line. As a result of their participation in the plan room they were required to purchase state of the art, high volume production scanners and plotters for both small and wide-format sizes. That equipment sat idle much of the time. Brad Walters the Executive Director of both associations had the idea of creating a new company that did nothing but digital archiving and document reproduction to keep the equipment busy. Since then, ADS has scanned millions of documents for health care plans, construction contractors, architects, engineers, colleges, manufacturing facilities, municipalities and hundreds of individuals. Brad Walters has served as President of ADS since its inception and the two founding Associations have since merged to form the Builders Exchange of the Southern Tier which is managed by Mr. Walters as well.




Immediate Accessibility


Inexpensive Portability


Maximizes Office /Storage Space


Infallible Disaster Planning


Unrecognized Affordability


Environmental Sensitivity

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American Digital Services, LLC

Documnets of ALL Types & Sizes!

Preserve important documents like consctruction as-built drawings before they are destroyed! Digital Archiving offers durability, increased portability, enhanced security, saves space and saves money!

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For information Contact: Brad Walters