Immediate Accessibility

Records that are stored electronically can be accessed worldwide from Frankfurt, Germany to San Diego, California. No matter the type or size of the document the information can be accessed in seconds through the use of email or other forms of file transfer protocol.

Inexpensive Portability

Imagine sending a five thousand page document from coast to coast for a fraction of the cost of a single postage stamp or sending the entire contents of a three drawer filing cabinet from New York to Florida in under ten minutes.

Maximizes Office /Storage Space

A typical four drawer file cabinet takes up six square feet of leased office space imagine the contents of that same file cabinet on a single CD or ten of those same file cabinets on a single DvD or thumb drive.


Infallible Disaster Planning

Electronic records are easily, inexpensively and quickly duplicated. Simple redundancy makes your important documents easy to secure and store in multiple locations so as to prevent a total loss of records which could occur with theft, flooding, fire or any other type of disaster.”

Unrecognized Affordability

You might think it’s an expense you or your business can’t afford. To the contrary, think of the cost involved with sending a person to the archives room to look for a ten year old document only to find it had been damaged by mice or had coffee spilled on it. Or the cost of having recreated six months or even six weeks worth of accounting data after a fire

Environmental Sensitivity

Electronics records Management saves valuable natural resources. It saves trees used to make paper and it saves the burning of fossil fuels used to transport paper documents. Go green, it’s the right thing to do!

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Preserve important documents like consctruction as-built drawings before they are destroyed! Digital Archiving offers durability, increased portability, enhanced security, saves space and saves money!

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